Workshop on EC’s expert database | 13 March

Workshop on “Registration for the EC’s expert database and how to increase your chances to be selected”.

On Tuesday 13 March (at. 9:00–11:00), Kristof Vlaeminck, head of the UiBs Brussels Office, will give a workshop on how to register for the expert database of the European Commission in order to be a potential evaluator of Horizon2020 projects. After an introduction by the pro-dean of research, Marit Bakke, and a short overview of the different aspects of the registration, the participants will start creating their profile while Kristof assists them. The aim of the workshop is that all participants have finished registering and can be selected by the European Commission. Don’t forget to bring your own laptop if you participate to the workshop.

The workshop will take place in the faculty boardroom, 4th floor, Armauer Hansens Hus. To register for the workshop, please send an email to:

The European Commission manages the publication, selection and execution of the topic for proposals and the proposals itself, but the evaluation of project proposals is entirely done by external experts. To let the European Commission know that you are interested in becoming an evaluator, you have to register as an expert in their database. The European Commission always wants to have a good mix of evaluators with different profiles (age, sex, background, etc.), so don’t think you are not suited to become an expert. It is just a matter of highlighting your strong points. In case you are selected to evaluate a project proposal, but the timing is not ideal at that moment, you can just decline the offer.

The advantage of becoming an evaluator is that you will read several project proposals. This will allow you to understand what makes a good proposal better than competitive project proposals and why a bad proposal fails to meet the expectations. There is no better and faster way to learn this than being an evaluator. On top of that you will get a peek behind the curtain on how the evaluation goes, and this will give you more insight in how the processes work.

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