The winter holiday is soon behind us and Spring is approaching with more daylight and brighter times. As mentioned earlier, times are also brighter for the budget K2 has scheduled for 2018. K2 thanks for many good suggestions for using the so-called Xtrafunds. The Faculty has decided the following guidelines for the use of these:

1) 10 mNOK for equipment for purchase in 2018
These will be distributed among the Departments by size of the annuity funds, which for K2’s part is 24%. The institutes must provide a 25% deduction. This means that K2 will make 3.0 mNOK available.

As previously mentioned, it is a prerequisite that the funds can be used in 2018. They cannot be used for salary or self-financing of externally funded projects.

2) 8 mNOK to Faculty measures
These funds will be used for various measures, such as the animal department and the caretaker housing for the students.

3) 45 mNOK set aside in the long-term budget 2019-22
Here are funds for larger equipment where the tender rules apply. A priority list will be made based on input from the Departments. Furthermore, funds are used for various projects, such as externally funded projects, where the university has to match the funds.

K2 will contact the research group leaders for the completion of the purchase of equipment for research or teaching that K2’s management group has prioritized. Prioritized equipment that can be bought and paid in 2018 will be charged the 3.0 mNOK that we will make available. Equipment that cannot be purchased budget year 2018 will be placed on the Faculty’s list of larger equipment for the long-term budget 2019-2022.

Research group leaders have a deadline to report exact price of the equipment and plan for the procurement process. Deadline for this feedback is 1 May. Final deadline for documented opportunity for procurement 2018 is set for 1 October.


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