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We are approaching the winter holidays and for many a much appreciated break from work. And for those who are not going to leave, there is a little more peace and quiet at the workplace to clean up the desk or to plan new activities.

Bergen Research Foundation (BFS) has two different initiatives: BFS Starting Grants and Thematic Strategies. There will soon be a new deadline for BFS Starting Grants, and we have also very good candidates this year. As regards the Thematic Strategies, BFS operates with different phases of the process. It starts with an idea phase without any form of ties that eventually passes into an analytical phase with only administrative management. If certain criteria are fulfilled, the idea is treated at a board meeting where it is decided that the idea / theme will be announced as a call. In the review phase, the applications are processed. The project that wins comes to the appointment phase. When an agreement is reached, the project is in the active phase. At the end of the project period, the project enters the final phase period.

The Faculty of Medicine wants to get an overview of new and existing ideas for projects and centers that may be relevant for the Faculty to suggest to BFS. The Faculty wishes to receive input from the Departments for discussion at the Department Head Meeting on 20 March. Since the BFS plays an active role in the idea phase of a project, the Faculty wishes ideas more than completed projects.

K2 therefore invites the research group leaders to submit input to possible projects / centers financed by the BFS. It is desirable with sketches that are approx. ½ page. The amount allocated from BFS should be given, which probably should be in the order for 20–30 mNOK. The deadline is Friday 16 March, and the sketches should be sent to

Happy winter holidays!


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