Economy for 2018

The Faculty of Medicine has a temporary economic surplus for 2018 due to positive results in 2016, which provides budget growth in 2018; transfers of unused funds from 2017; as well as the need for lower transfers in the basic fund than 20 million NOK in total for 2019.

This means that the departments including K2 will be given an opportunity to increase the basic appropriation beyond what is budgeted for 2018. K2 is important for the faculty’s budget growth, and it is great that some of this now will benefit us.

The order from the Faculty are that the measures can go to research, including equipment that can be purchased this year; teaching, including equipment that can be purchased this year; and other measures such as HSE.

Research group leaders are challenged to propose measures within the framework of approx. 0.5 mNOK and that equipment cannot have a cost beyond the EU limit for tender. The last is because tenders take time, and the faculty wishes to spend the funds in 2018.

Unfortunately, there is a very short deadline for making suggestions. This is set to February 9 at the Faculty level. We need time for an internal process on K2, too, why our deadline for you is during February 5. I am very sorry for this ultra short deadline. All proposals must come through the head of the research groups.

Enjoy the weekend!


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