NAG, NAG, NAG* Or: Why you should participate on Department Day

With the arrival of fall comes our annual meeting point; the department day. This year we have chosen to change the name and some of the content. In addition to being our annual HSE-meeting, we will focus on the department’s internal life, as well as the work processes our former department management started this spring. We have invited the faculty to present a status on the evaluation of the reorganization from 2013, as well as the new law for state employees. And we will, most likely, hear from our new head of department and the new plans and expectations he or she has for us. This year we would very much like to make time for some drinks and a chat in Café Christie. Perhaps this will be your opportunity to have a talk with our new head of department or a colleague you haven’t seen in a while. I hope as many as possible will attend both the gathering and the following mingling. Link to registration form here.

With the fall comes another possibility for communication; the annual employee appraisal talk
*(the abbreviation works so much better in Norwegian). All employees, regardless of duration or percentage of employment, is to be offered appraisal talks from his or her immediate leader. In the following days, I myself will invite the administration for their annuals talks. All group leaders will be sent an overview of the employees in their groups, for whom they are responsible to offer an appraisal talk. In order to avoid nag from me, I suggest you start organizing the remaining talks already now. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any uncertainties or questions.

I look forward to seeing you all in the Aula in November.

All the best, Julie


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