“Waiting for Godot”

Jone Trovik, portrett til disputasWhile waiting for the next Head of K2 to be formally appointed (since Per Bakke left us for the position as Dean) I am acting Head and will to the best of my capacity try to take care of these responsibilities. To contact me, I have office telephone ((559)7 4295), cell phone (924 25 171) and e-mail: mailto:jone.trovik@med.uib.no or mailto:jone.trovik@med.uib.no Those of you in need of a personal encounter, are welcome to my office located at 4th floor (Norwegian counting) in the Women’s Clinic (Department building for Obstetrics and Gynecology) in the corridor facing Ulriken. This takes a brisk walk from the BBB / laboratory building or the main hospital building (Sentralblokken), hopefully contributing to the recommended 10,000 daily steps to maintain good health!

In our Dean’s inaugural speech, he pointed out three main commitments areas for the Faculty to attend. For our institute to follow these (in his ranked order!), the following may be pinpointed:

  1. Students in focus

As K2’s Head of Education (Yes, I do hold several roles at present ….) I am very pleased that this aspect is on top of his list! This main University activity has to be fronted EACH day. When positions are advertised/appointed we have to take educational qualifications seriously. Do consider what each post/person may contribute in relation to educational activities. And a reminder from the administrative educational section: all teachers, please remember to use Mitt UiB/Canvas to actively check your teaching schedule and distribute educational material electronically. No one else will take care of this on behalf of you. A special pedagogy course is to be held for PhD students / postdoctoral fellows / those in academic minor positions. We are looking forward to this.

  1. Interactions with other Institutes and Faculties belonging to the University of Bergen

Cooperation across traditional academic areas will potentially give new ideas and strengthen the academic community. To achieve this, we need areas to actually meet face-to-face, actively communicate and find new partners. The first upcoming possibility is Digital Day for employees (Digital Myldredag) held in Grieghallen 4th of October. Different ongoing digitalization projects, tools and methods will be on display by more than 20 different UiB groups. What are other groups using? How may this be modified for my setting/needs?  Maybe someone has a very smart solution to something I have been struggling with?

  1. Internationalization

This will be commented in a later editorial.

And regarding the title reference to Beckett’s play: I do hope the communication within K2 is not considered as absurd.


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