Shalom ve lehitraot

k2nytt_2017_uke-35_ukens-leder“Peace and see you later” is common to say in Israel where I will spend the next semester as guest professor at The Weizmann Institute of Science. The sabbatical arrangement is a great opportunity to establish new collaborations, build networks and set of time to plan projects and write applications. The network is not only useful for the professor him or herself. It also opens up for exchange of younger researcher in the involved groups. Several of the groups at the institute have used this opportunity in an exemplary way, such as the diabetes and lung research groups.

Staying abroad requires planning not only of the academic project, but also of the practicalities concerning work and studies for any partner, school for children and housing. The faculty provide grants each year, and funds can also be obtained from Helse Vest, the Research Council of Norway, and other funding bodies. Application deadline for research terms is 1 May each year.

It is less common for foreigners to apply for a sabbatical at K2, but our goal should be to attract good researchers from abroad who wish to spend a year with us. Don’t forget this possibility

Finally, I would like to end my term as vice head and short guest appearance as head of department, by saying shalom ve lihitraot. Now, Jone takes over until the new head of the department is ready to start.

Good weekend and good remaining 2017.


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