Methodologies for Digital Life – Focus on Metabolic Systems

Centre for Digital Life Norway invites to a network meeting about “Methodologies for Digital Life – Focus on Metabolic Systems”.

Time: 6 October 2017.
Venue: Hotel Terminus, Bergen.
The meeting is open and free to attend.

The meeting has already a list of speakers, but is open for additional contributions, both oral and posters.

Registration and abstract submission.

Currently list of speakers

Bernhard Palsson will give the Volterra Lecture. Palsson (UCSD) is known for his work on global scale metabolic models of microorganisms as well as human, mouse, cell models and in relation to disease.

Peter Ruoff: “The Kinetics of Biological Control”. Ruoff’s research is focused towards understanding the molecular mechanisms of homeostatic control, adaptation and decisions in metabolic pathways and circadian clocks.

Eivind Almaas: “RAMP – a method for handling uncertain data in genome-scale modeling”.

Jon Olav Vik: “Foundations of the Digital Salmon: constraint-based reconstruction and analysis”.

Nello Blaser: “Model reduction under parameter uncertainty”.

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