Per BakkeThis is the last K2Nytt editorial before the summer vacation and my last as head of the Department of Clinical Science. I will take the opportunity to express my gratitude to all of you. More than four years have passed since K2 was established, and a lot has happened these years. It has been ups and downs, but I have always felt a very strong support and kindness from every corner of K2.

With 320 employees coming from four different departments, it has for sure been conflicts of interests and different opinions of how to cope with various challenges. However, I have always felt that people have taken a strong interest in where to go, and have sincerely wanted a good solution. The occasions when some did not have it their way, the final solution has always been accepted.

There will soon be a call for the position as new head of K2. I hope that many will consider applying. It is a very rewarding job. It is a fantastic bunch of people at K2, be it the administrative, technical or scientific staff. I want the next head of K2 to be met with the same kindness as has been offered me. There are still many tasks to take on at K2.

Thanks a lot, all of you!


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