Digitalization at UoB

Per BakkeThe government has made it clear that the universities are to promote digitalization within all fields. Traditionally we have considered digitalization primarily as a tool to optimize administrative services. In recent years digitalization within teaching and at examinations have become more common. A good example is the efforts done by Martin Biermann of which he received the Faculty Dissemination Prize 2017.

Also, research may benefit from digitalization. As part of the efforts to respond to the requests from the government, the university has made a strategy for digitalization.  UoB will establish working groups for how to promote digitalization within teaching and research, and within the administrative services. I have heard some state that digitalization is just a way to make the scientists do secretary work. This assessment is too simple.

The university will organize a “Come together day” on digitalization 4 October 2017 in Grieghallen. The aim is to present various ways of digitalization to promote teaching and research, as well as administrative services. Those who might have projects that could be presented in Grieghallen, please notify this by sending an e-mail to within Monday 12 June..

The event in Grieghallen will be open to everybody at the university. Note the date! Digitalization is here to come, we should join it. By visiting Grieghallen 4 October, we might get some good ideas to use in our own research, teaching or administrative work


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