6th Building Bridges symposium: Epigenetics in clinical and translational research

The Building Bridges symposia series is arranged to bridge clinical and basic/translational research and provide examples of how teams of investigators are working together towards a better understanding of the pathophysiology of disease and improved options for patient treatment and care.

The 6th Building Bridges symposium will highlight how epigenetics research can be leveraged to improve our understanding of health and disease. The course set the stage by learning about the basics: What is epigenetics? How can studying epigenetics enable precision medicine? Then, with research-focused talks from clinical and translational researchers, the symposium will explore detailed examples of discovery, development, and application in the areas of 1) epigenomics, 2) cell differentiation in disease, and 3) epigenetic modifiers as drug targets. The symposium will be closed by engaging the public in the future societal applications of epigenetics research.

Time: 10–11 October 2017.
Lecture hall 2, Biomedicum, Helsinki, Finland.

Information, program and registration.

 Deadline for registration: 15 September.


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