Upcoming CCBIO events

k2nytt_2017_uke-22_ccbio_forsidebannerCCBIO (Centre for Cancer Biomarkers), a Centre of Excellence at the Faculty, has several exciting upcoming events on the agenda. Here are some of them presented.


Graduate Course in Extracellular Matrix (BMED904)
Time: 12–16 June.
Venue: Auditorium 4, BB Building, Jonas Lies vei 91.
Some lectures are open to all, even if you are not enrolled.
More information here.

CCBIO Junior Scientist Symposium
Time: 15 June.
Venue: D303 (Birkhaugsalen), Central block, Haukeland University Hospital.
More information here.

Biomarkers & Bioinformatics in Clinical Trials and Clinical Studies
Time: 18–19 June.
Venue: Solstrand Hotel & Bad.
More information here.

3rd International P53 Isoforms Conference
Time: 18–21 June
Venue: Auditorium 1, BB Building, Jonas Lies vei 91.
More information here.

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