External work

Per BakkeWe have been reminded that everybody must register and/or update his/her external work information. The University Board has decided that all employees at UoB, regardless of the job category and position fraction, have to register their tasks outside of UoB. The intention is that there shall be full transparency for people both inside and outside UoB about employees’ potential links. The list of external tasks is publicly available.

It is emphasized that it is entirely legitimate and desirable that UoB employees have external tasks. But all external work should be registered. Transparency about this is primarily an advantage for the employee. However, also for K2, as one of the largest institutes at the UoB and as such often reviewed by the university, it is important that we comply to this order.

You do the registration in Paga.

What external work should be registered? Read the manual here, and further about the principles here (links in Norwegian only). It is easy to register and takes most of us less than 15 minutes.

This topic was emphasized last year. For those who do not have any change in external tasks or none at all, no measure is needed.

If you are in doubt about the registration of external work, contact Julie.
(NB: Read the instructions first!)


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