Correct affiliation

Per BakkeThe university has an increased focus on correct affiliation, not only related to publications, but also in contact with the press. In the latter case, it is important to check that we are addressed by the name of the institute and then University of Bergen. You may also want to first state the name of the research group, and that is of course OK. As to the title, we for are for instance professor at the Department of Clinical Science, UoB. Those who are also employed by the for instance Haukeland University Hospital or Stavanger University Hospital may be consultant, while not professor at the hospitals.

One may argue that the press will not accept such an affiliation as it is too extensive. However, Laurence Bindoff at K1 is a recent example that this is quite possible. When his research was presented in VG, he was addressed with Department of Clinical Medicine, UoB.
A good advice is to review the text prior to publication and this is an opportunity to also check the affiliation. My experience is that also the journalists want the content of their papers to be correct.


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