The Emeritus Society

Per BakkeThis week the institute arranged lunch for the Emeritus Society. The society consists of professors emeriti from K2. The emeriti make a very important contribution to the department in several fields, and are well worth a lunch.They manage most defenses at K2 as custos and are part of several committees that consider applicants for vacancies and applications for endowments. Several of them are still teaching, and last but not least, several of them still publish with K2 affiliation. All of this is free of charge for the Department!

The only thing they get in return is free access to university computer services, library services and E-mail lists. In addition they receive K2Nytt. The Emeritus Society is open to anyone who goes into retirement from a scientific position at K2. Membership is renewed annually.

We have good reason to thank the emeriti for the effort they make for K2!



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