Change in service and availability at SIM

Service center for international mobility – SIM
Since the service center is staffed with one employee, we want to change the organization of the business so that those who contact SIM and show up there is sure to be offered time with an adviser. Experience shows that there are very few who show up without having made prior arrangement, from 1 toto 3 per week. We change practices in line with this and replace fixed opening hours with pre-arranged meeting times. This will apply as long as the center is located in Christiesgt.18. For contact with SIM:

  • International researchers and units at UiB who have questions related to international staff / guests may like before contact us email to: or or by telephone: 555 89373/482 60683.
  • If you want a personal meeting for information and guidance, arrange time and discuss topics for guidance by email or phone (as metioned in the last point).
    In a personal meeting the real information needs more is clearer, and communication is better than by phone / email. SIM therefore recommends researchers to avail the offer.
  • Personal meetings should preferably take place in work core time (9:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.) and atSIM, but if needed, we can be flexible in time and place.
  • When no one is present on SIM or answer the phone, the HR Department will be able to take a message and conclude agreements on guidance for SIM. Phone HR: 555 82100
  • As a general rule, it should not take more than two business days from the time you want for appointment to completed call. It is of course also possible to reserve time well in advance, or get time on the same day.

    Service targets:

  • Maximum two working day waiting period for an appointment is a measure of quality in the delivery of SIM service.
  • The amendment will provide better procedures for contact and help from SIM.
  • The amendment gives a better overview and more flexibility for SIM.

    Janicke Stoople                                                                    Signe Knappskog
    HR Director                                                                           Senior Adviser

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