“1 kr til Hjertesaken”

vitaWe would like to inform you about this year’s announcement of Vita Hjertego “1 kr til Hjertesaken” which is the allocation of funds to research and other activities in preventive heart health.

Mills DA is a large Norwegian food supplier with a long tradition of cooperation with research institutes. We relate to research-based knowledge and endeavor that our products will be according to health authorities dietary recommendations. Vita Hjertego’ is a product line developed in collaboration with leading researchers in nutrition, in which fat composition is based on “the Vita equation” for the best possible effect on cholesterol. Vita Hjertego’ has been on the market for almost 20 years and is Mills DA’s spearhead in nutrition.

“1 kr til Hjertesaken” announces up to kr. 650,000 for 2016, distributed to research and other activities. The funding will be allocated to one or more projects of up to
kr. 475 000 to research and kr. 175 000 to other activities. Deadline for submission of applications is November 15th 2015.

For more information see attachment or here (in Norwegian).
Questions can be addressed to vitahjertego@mills.no or vibeke.telle-hansen@mills.no

Vibeke Counting-Hansen
Nutrition Adviser, PhD
Mob: +47 930 48 873
E-mail: Vibeke.telle-hansen@mills.no

Mills DA
Sofienberggt. 19
PB 4644 Sofienberg
0506 Oslo

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