Academic pillar, not pillow …!

Jone Trovik, portrett til disputasThe new curriculum in medicine has already been introduced. The first class started this fall, before most clinical departments were ready to wind up their summer vacation.
K2 is primarily responsible for three semesters;
5th semester with pathology, pharmacology, medical biochemistry, preclinical course and circulation / respiration (“Medicine”)
9th semester with gynecology / obstetrics, pediatrics and genetics
12th semester with integrated clinical training and ending with a practical exam

New in this curriculum is that in addition to the medical sciences, “academic pillar” is also emphasized and placed as independent entities on the curriculum. What does that mean?
The objectives can be summarized as providing the student with knowledge of medical science and research, research and ethics, skills in evaluating medical literature, dissemination of scientific results and how to perform statistical analysis. In other words: topics the scientists at K2 know a lot about and that it is nice to communicate and pass on to the younger generation! Teaching in academic subjects is scattered throughout many semesters and “belong” not only to the institute which is responsible for just that specific semester.

I do not know who holds specific expertise in the various academic subjects or how you personally want to contribute, but I hope to find good teachers to the various topics when we get them elaborated from the study planning committee. We don’t want IGS to have a monopoly on research teaching, do we?

This week the first part of this autumn’s teaching day for K1 / K2 was held, the final part will be on October 14th, welcome!


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