Invitation to national ethics conference: “På god vei”, November 25-26 2015

Dear ethics-interested,

Centre for Medical Ethics would like to invite all interested parties to the national ethics conference “In progress” held 25.-26. November 2015 at the Bristol Hotel, Oslo.
The conference marks the rounding of two major projects – Cooperation on ethical competence in municipalities that KS is responsible for, and Mental health, ethics and coercion (PET) which SME is primarily responsible for. Among the conference’s main topics included the involvement of patients and their families as well as how to achieve systematic ethical reflection in practice. Participants will gain new knowledge about both ethics and ethical reflection. Furthermore, the conference will also point out possible ways forward for those wishing to start up or continue a systematic ethics work in both the municipal and specialist health services.

For more information, schedules, prices and registration, see here (in Norwegian).

If you have questions, please contact.
On behalf of SME,

Irene Syse
Senior Project Consultant (SME)
Centre for Medical Ethics
University of Oslo

2 thoughts on “Invitation to national ethics conference: “På god vei”, November 25-26 2015

  1. Ragnhild Solveig Idsøe

    Jeg arbeider som høgskolelærer ved Lovisenberg Diakonale Høgskole, og er interessert i temaområdet ,spesielt i forhold til dag 2 på konferansen.
    Er det fortsatt mulighet for å melde seg på?

    mvh Ragnhild S. Idsøe


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