Happy summer!

SummPer Bakkeer is approaching and this is the last K2Nytt before the holiday. It has been a hectic half-year. When it comes to research, it should be mentioned that K2 since 2014 is the department at UiB with most EU applications, the number is 24, out of which 5 have been granted, one of them a coordinator project, the only one at UiB. We are still awaiting results on 11 of the applications. This shows that EU applications are worthwhile.

When it comes to teaching, the work on the new curriculum in medicine has been central. There is still much work to be done. It should also be noted that the pharmacy study has worked towards beginning an education in galenic pharmacy, which will start this fall.

Economically things are tight, but we keep to the budget and there is a realistic plan to pay down our debt of approximately NOK 3 million within a few years.

Various important issues this fall are a new organization of K2, work on a new strategy for the department, and not least the new curriculum in addition to focusing on external funding. But now it’s a well-deserved vacation around the corner. Thank you all for your efforts, and have a Great Summer!


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