Who deserves the K2s teaching prize 2015?

Eva GerdtsPlanning of the micro-details in the new medicine curriculum has now begun. A big thanks to everyone who participate in semester boards, the planning of OSCE exam, elective courses and other study program committees!  Good interaction between the semester boards and the various course responsible lecturers with teaching skills relevant for the current study plan and the students’ evaluation of this plan is absolutely necessary in order to obtain a good result: We must be able to revise what is not working in the current curriculum, and at the same time keep the best elements from our current teaching.  It is also important to view the study plan both cross-sectionally and longitudinally, and the semester boards for 9th – 12th semester will now commence their work.

In order to meet the future need for more student activating teaching methods, it is necessary that we all learn new methods.  MOF now offers 20 slots at the course Team Based Learning which will take place at NLA Høgskolen in Sandviken on June 16 2015.  More information and registration can be done here

This teaching form will, in particular, be suitable for integrated and case-based teaching.

K2 would like to stimulate outstanding teaching work. The K2’s teaching prize for 2015 is NOK 50.000.  Criteria for receiving the prize can be found here (in Norwegian).  Last year’s winner was Associate Professor Atle Brun.  Suggestions for this year’s prize winner may be sent to Eva.gerdts@uib.no within 20.05.15.





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