This week`s editorial

Eva GerdtsStudents enrolled in the medical degree programme who are stationed at Førde hospital, will receive interdisciplinary training as part of the practical teaching plan for 3rd internal medicine semester. The students are thrilled about having tasks with a great degree of responsibility involved and receiving feedback on their performance, as well as having the opportunity to work and learn interdisciplinary with nursing students. Skills obtained through interdisciplinary cooperation with other groups of health workers are already included in the learning outcomes that our students should achieve, but the training is not very well organized. Of course it is also unreasonable that similar learning programs are not offered students stationed at Haugesund or Stavanger hospitals. Professor Anders Bærheim at Department of Global Public Health and Primary Care has now taken the initiative of establishing Interdisciplinary Training as a mandatory part of the work placement in internal medicine and surgical disciplines. The project will be developed in collaboration with the UiB coordinators for teaching at Haugesund and Stavanger hospitals, as well as the University Colleges of Stord/Haugesund and Stavanger, both of which offer nursing degrees, all based on the Førde model. The project will also be an important contribution in order for K2 to achieve its strategic goal of strengthening the regional teaching Collaboration.

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