Daily Archives: Tuesday December 9th, 2014

BFS-grant awarded Stian Knappskog

BFS_primær_firkant_CMYKK2 wishes to congratulate Senior Scientist Stian Knappskog for being one of the recipients of the grant from BFS (Bergen Research Foundation).  Stian is researching biological and genetic mechanisms in cancer development, and, in particular, mechanisms which make cancer cells resistant to chemotherapy.  For the last three years, Stian has been working at Mohn Cancer Research Laboratory.  For more information 

New routines for candidate numbering

As of January 1st 2015, the University of Bergen will change its routine for candidate numbering on exams.  This means that the students’ student number will no longer be used as candidate number.  Instead, the candidates will be given a unique candidate number for each individual exam.  With this change in routine, UiB will have the same arrangement as other universities and colleges in Norway.
For more information (in Norwegian)

The teaching records system will be phased out

The Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry has decided to no longer use the teaching records system which has been used in the last few years.  This decision is based on technical challenges with the system, and the fact that it is difficult to ensure sufficient data quality.  Instead of the individual lecturer having to register his/her teaching activities, the faculty will attempt to retrieve data from Felles studentsystem (FS) as a basis for teaching records.  For more information (in Norwegian)