Waste in the room for risk waste in the 9th floor, lab-building

At times there have been a great deal of uncollected waste in this room. This is due to several reasons:

  • inadequately filled out declaration form
  • the waste has not been marked with declaration number
  • the red boxes have been sealed, thus making it impossible to check the contents

farlig avfallIt turns out that we have been given the wrong type of red waste boxes. We should only use the boxes with hinges on one side, not the ones with removable lids. The idea is that the declaration form will lie inside the box, since the lid can be opened. There may be several types of waste with different declaration forms in the same box, but it is important that the declaration number is written on the correct waste. The waste will be removed from the box at the waste centre, and the boxes will be reused. The following documents have thorough descriptions: «Handling of dangerous waste» («Håndtering av farlig avfall») which you can find at Innsiden under Hospitaldrift Transport and «Guidelines for filling out declaration forms» («Veileder for utfylling av deklarasjonsskjema») in Helse-Bergen’s electronic quality handbook (both sites require a log in).

Remember to fill out the declaration forms correctly. Miljøhallen may help you if you have questions. Contact Pål Andersen (section manager) at 7-2583 or Aspjørn Gelin (Unit leader) at 7-2550.

Declaration forms must be ordered from Sentralforsyningen, form number 202 580. Clear waste cans, cones and red boxes may be ordered from the porters in the lab-building (tlf. 7-7892) or Miljøhallen (tlf. 7-6930). Blue plastic waste cans will no longer be used. The clear cans will now be sent for destruction, and will not be reused like before.

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