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Per Bakke

Centre for Pharmacy 10 years
Centre for Pharmacy celebrates its 10th anniversary at UiB. The center is interdisciplinary between MatNat and MOF while administratively located at K2 with Svein Haavik as director of the center. Today 24 students are annually accepted at the master program in pharmacy. It has become a popular program and has the highest admission requirements among the pharmaceutical schools in Norway.
It is a healthy 10 year old we are talking about. At the same time there is no reason to hide the challenges the center is facing. The study in Pharmacy is not fully funded by the government. It is a clear goal to achieve this. There is a great need for pharmacists in Norway and another goal is to increase the educational capacity to 35 students per year. The teaching of pharmaceutics is currently being held at the University of East Anglia. From 2015 it will be moved to Bergen and the teaching capacity within this subject must be developed at MatNat and MOF. There is a need for more pharmacists with research expertise and work is being done to establish a research school in pharmacy. Centre for Pharmacy also provides opportunities. Master Students in Pharmacy represents a great resource that many of K2 ‘s research groups should take advantage of .

More about the Center for Pharmacy here (in Norwegian).

There is reason to congratulate the Centre for Pharmacy with the first 10 years and wish good luck with the next!


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