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Per Bakke

Offices at K2

There is a great need for office space at K2, and we have a limited area available. At the same time disagreement over space may cause high temperatures. It is therefore important to have proper rules for access to office space. K2 is responsible to provide office to the permanent staff and to the preliminary scientific staff on projects administered at K2. II-positions having their main engagement at the hospital, is the responsibility of Helse-Bergen.

Among the scientific staff the following order of priority to office space: professor, associate professor, researcher, post-doc, PhD candidate and finally master grade and medical students during their year of research. We will also try to help the emerities as far as possible.

Irene Hjelmås has now mapped all office space at K2, who is sitting where, and that people are allowed to do so according to the above rules. Any need for office should be sent to Irene. Space will then be provided by the administration. It is not allowed to just sit down at a vacant office.

K2 has access to offices at Haraldsplass. It is easy to understand that people would prefer to sit in the Labbygget or at the Haukeland campus. But in some cases there might be necessary to place people at Haraldplass. This might for instance be PhD candidates about to finish their thesis.

A transparent system for providing offices where everybody sticks to the rules will be beneficial to all of us.


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