Daily Archives: Thursday November 28th, 2013

New routines for printing of doctoral thesis

A new agreement with AIT regarding printing of doctoral theses has been implemented.  This has led to some changes in the routines.  As before, the process begins with the candidate creating a purchase order at ait.no/uib/index_eng.html, uploading documents, etc.  The candidate will then receive a receipt with a reference purchase number which must be delivered/sent to Irene Lavik Hjelmaas (Irene.hjelmaas@k2.uib.no).  Once she has created an electronic purchase order, the printing of the thesis will commence.  It is important that this procedure is followed in order to avoid delays and lack of time.  Click here for more information about production of theses

Erasmus International Staff Exchange – University of Helsinki

Technical and administrative staff may apply for staff exchange at the University of Helsinki in 2014.  Click here for more information about the Erasmus programme  (In Norwegian).  Click here for more information about the staff exchange with the University of Helsinki .  If you are interested you may contact Signe Knappskog (signe.knappskog@adm.uib.no)