Daily Archives: Friday November 22nd, 2013

This Week`s Editorial

Eva Gerdts

Mandatory teaching reporting

The teaching records (Undervisningsregnskapet) is an application developed so that the institutes may have full overview of the resources utilized in teaching activities.  The application is far from perfect, but it is nevertheless what will be used by both K2 and MOF when distributing new teaching tasks in the future.  That each and every one of us register completed teaching activities is mandatory, just as we register publications in Cristin.  You may like or dislike these types of registrations, but this is one of the mandatory work tasks included in a scientific employment position at MOF.  The registering is also of everyone’s interest as we document what we use our work time on, and whether or not we are fully booked or have vacant slots in our schedules.  The latter is very important now that new curriculum for the medicine study programme is under development, and several suggestions call for a substantial increase in small-group teaching sessions.The result from this spring’s teaching records is now ready, and shows that 33% of K2’s teaching capacity is utilized when only permanent scientific positions are taken into account.  Many have not registered their teaching activities, and, as a result, much of our teaching work is not made visible.  Deadline for this autumn’s teaching registration is now approaching.  I will strongly recommend all scientific employees to register their teaching!


New K2-nytt Layout

The background for the K2 news layout change is that the server on which K2 news was located earlier are going to be closed, so we had to find a new solution.  The reasons for choosing this particular solution are that the central administration at UiB offers assistance on it, and also that the whole editorial staff can easily access the newsletter to work on it.  Further, this layout is new to all of us, so please excuse a few temporary bugs which have not been fixed yet.  We promise to do our best to make this good!