60 new research networks announced

We are pleased to announce the approval of 60 new COST Actions by our Committee of Senior Officials (CSO). These new research networks cover topics as varied as the impact of climate change on mental health, digital technologies to improve civic engagement, optimising insect nutrition, augmented reality in forestry, and alternative approaches to automated cancer detection.

Read an article on the COST website about the new networks: 60 new COST Actions approved – COST

Every participating country have the right to nominate up to two members of the Management Committee (MC) of each network. The COST National Coordinator (CNC) is responsible for the nominations.

In Norway the procedure is that those who wish to participate in the MC of a COST network must send CNC Trude Dypvik (COST-CNC@forskningsradet.no) a short application and a CV. 20th. June is the deadline for the first applications

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