Daily Archives: Thursday June 13th, 2024

The research groups’ websites

Ingrid Hagerup (https://www.uib.no/personner/Ingrid.Hagerup) at the faculty has spent the last few weeks looking over the websites of the research groups at K2. She has made some structural changes, both by agreement with certain people and on her own.

However, there is a need for a more systematic review of the content on several of the pages.

It is important that the content is up-to-date, because it is the “outward face” of the research group.

Look over the content on the website of the research group you are responsible for, and report the need for changes to the content


There is no “final deadline” for this work, but none of the content will be updated unless you let us know!

Also remember! There is both an English and a Norwegian website – you can find the overview here:https://www.uib.no/klin2/63844/forskningsgrupper

Change freeze on the personal pages

New personal pages (employee pages) will be launched soon, and therefore a change freeze on the personal pages is necessary. Changes made to the personal pages from Thursday, June 13th onwards will not be carried over to the new pages. The page can still be updated if there is something important that needs to be included during these days, BUT the updates will have to be entered again on the new pages.

We will keep you continuously updated when the new personal pages are launched.

Call for proposals: Nordic research consortia for EU calls on antimicrobial resistance (AMR)

Deadline 19.09.2024

NordForsk announces funding for preparatory projects with the purpose of forming multisectoral and transdisciplinary Nordic research consortia to participate in successful proposals for EU calls on antimicrobial resistance (AMR).