English: Web based course CCBIO907 Cancer-related vascular biology, fall 2020

We have the pleasure of inviting you to a web based CCBIO course: CCBIO907 Cancer-related vascular biology, September 21 – October 2, 2020

The course will be held through a digital platform (Zoom), also the group assignments, so you can attend even from the comfort of your own home. Although the course is mainly intended for PhD students and Master students, admission is open for others who find this course interesting.

CCBIO907 is a 6 ECTS course that provides broad theoretical and practical understanding of basic aspects of vascular biology, cancer-related vascular biology, and other processes and diseases where vascular biology is relevant. The course presents knowledge about relationships between vascular biology, cancer progression, and diagnostic and treatment options directed towards the vasculature. Applied methods for studying vascular biology and biomarkers reflecting cancer-related vascular biology are taught. Also, the course aims to stimulate to scientific thinking, critical election and professional discussions.

CCBIO907 is part of the CCBIO-Harvard INTPART collaboration, and participants attending this course will have the rear opportunity to benefit from the knowledge of researchers who have been in the frontline of vascular biology research for decades, and who are experienced lecturers at Harvard Medical School. This year, you will get to meet Edward R. Smith, Joyce Bischoff and Hong Cheng in addition to Randy Watnick and Mike Rogers.

Program: See the preliminary scientific program here.

Note that there are different registration links for the course:

With ECTS: For those who will attend the complete course, incl. group assignments, and be eligible for the 6 ECTS or a course diploma (note that this link is close to fully booked). UiB students also need to register in StudentWeb, where deadline is September 1, 2020.

No ECTS: For those who are only interested in the lectures for professional updates and want to hop in and out as they please (will not get ECTS or diploma).

Read more here about the course. For any questions, please contact coordinator Heidrun Vethe at Heidrun.vethe@uib.no.

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