English: The Olav Thon Foundation – support for Nordic research projects in medicine 2021

The Olav Thon Foundation will allocate NOK 20 million for grants to Nordic research collaboration in the field of medicine for 2021. Applications will be assessed in light of their academic quality and the projects’ potential for development of new and groundbreaking knowledge in medicine. For 2021, the Board of the Foundation has decided to invite applications for research on reparative medicine targeting diseases in the musculoskeletal and peripheral and central nervous system.

Projects should be based on the use of stem cell biology, genetic approaches, tissue engineering, biotechnology, or regenerative medicine with the aim of repairing, regrowing or replacing damaged or diseased cells or tissues.

Research support for each project is restricted to a maximum of NOK 2.5 million per year for a maximum of four years.

You can find the announcement here.

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