(English) Workshop announcement

The Respiratory Research group is organising the workshop

Bioinformatic analysis of the airway microbiome: A QIIME2 workshop

16th – 20th of March 2020

This five-day workshop focuses on applied bioinformatics in the field of microbiome data mainly for non-computer scientists using QIIME2. The QIIME2 developers Greg Caporaso and Matthew Ryan Dillon will teach at the workshop.

Participants are required to have some experience with QIIME2 prior to attending the workshop, as no introduction to QIIME2 will be given. Examples used in the workshop will be from the MicroCOPD study, which is data consisting of 16S-rRNA (bacterial) and ITS (fungal) sequencing data from lung samples. Since these samples are low biomass, an emphasis will be on the challenges related to contamination in microbiome analysis.

Participants can bring their own data, but workshop datasets will also be provided. The sessions in the workshop include interactive discussions on several related topics such as different denoising strategies, bioinformatic identification and handling of contaminants, filtering strategies, diversity analyses, differential abundance testing, statistics interpretation, and visualisation and presentation of data.

The spaces are limited, and priority will be given to applicants with relevant background. If you are interested in attending the course, check out the information here:


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