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Noise in the hallways- 8th floor, Lab-building

We have received information that many PhD-Candidates working in the open office area on the 8th floor of the Laboratory Building often find it difficult to concentrate on the work due to noise coming from the hallways. Thus we kindly ask everyone to bear this in mind and take care so that not too much noise is generated in the hallways.


Seminar on Research Politics 2014

The Norwegian Association of Researchers is inviting to a seminar focusing on research politics.  The title of this year’s seminar is “The bigger, the better?  Structure and quality in the education- and research sector”.  For more information click here (in Norwegian). Form for signing up click here (in Norwegian)

Time: Monday November 3, 9:30 – 15:30
Place:  Hotell Bristol, Oslo


New Publications

Week 42/2014.

Sex differences in cardiovascular outcome during progression of aortic valve stenosis.
Cramariuc D, Rogge BP, Lønnebakken MT, Boman K, Bahlmann E, Gohlke-Bärwolf C, Chambers JB, Pedersen TR, Gerdts E.
Heart. 2014 Oct 9. PMID: 25301859

Based on last week’s search forDepartment of Clinical Science AND Bergen”. If you have publications which are not covered by this search, send the reference to olivera.bozickovic@k2.uib.no