Daily Archives: Friday December 10th, 2021


Christmas is approaching and with that, a new round of application deadlines is approaching again. In this context, I would just like to remind you to report via the following form that you are seeking external funds. This will ensure both good application support and that one of our economists is assigned to help with the budget. And I would also like to remind you that there are sources of funding other than NFR, such as the EU. I encourage you to attend UiB’s information day on 14 January 2022 in the aula (NB! Requires registration by 31.12.21, follow the link for more information and the registration form.

I hope you take care of each other also in this year’s Christmas season dictated again by Corona restrictions, despite cancelled joint activities.

Have a really good weekend!

Applying for SPIRE-midler 2022

You can now apply for SPIRE-fundings in the following 2 categories:

  1. Fundings for international research collaboration
  2. Fundings for guest researchers

Read more about guidelines, categories and who can apply in website: SPIRE – Såkornsmidler | Forsknings- og innovasjonsavdelingen | UiB

All applications must be written in attached application form. See link at the bottom of the website.

Applications must be sent by email to Head of Administration Maria Holmaas, email maria.holmaas@uib.no within 31st of December 2021.