NSHG-PM meetings in genomics and COVID-19

Dear researchers at K2,

I want to draw your attention to a meeting – Nordic Society for Human Genetics and Prevision Medicine. This society aims to gather researchers in the Nordic countries interested in genomics and other omics, and to build infrastructure to perform research in all cohorts and biobanks totaling some 29 million inhabitants.

The meeting is digital and November 8-9 hosted by Mark Daly (Director for FINNGENE, PI at MGH). There is also a workshop on COVID-19 November 4 chaired by Kári Stefánsson (Director for DeCode Genetics) and Camilla Stoltenberg (Director for NIPH).

Submission deadlines for both meetings are October 8.

It’s worth noting that exceptional abstracts will be offered speaking slots and we will give financial prizes to top posters by young investigators.

Pål R. Njølstad

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