This week`s employee – Kristin Moberg Aakre

What you’re working on?
I am a specialist in medical biochemistry and work in a position as chief physician at the Hormone Laboratory at the Department of Medical Biochemistry and Pharmacology and as assistant associate professor at K2. This is a good combination, as there are still interesting issues in the senior doctor’s job that I can develop in the field of the investigation. In recent years, my focus has been on heart markers especially. how we can use these for fast, but at the same time safe, diagnostics of acute coronary syndrome. Together with good colleagues, I am responsible for conducting two major clinical trials that investigate this, these are funded by Helse-Bergen, the Cooperation Body in Helse-Vest and trond mohn foundation. I also work with the prognostic value of heart markers. In addition, I am working to determine the biological variation of biomarkers in various national and international collaborative projects.
An example of the synergy effect in the combined position is that the mystified of the work in the laboratory is designed to ensure good quality. The issues often have to be suppressed in the event of larger or smaller attempts and we try to put things up so systematically that we can publish the results afterwards. We can and collect anonymised laboratory data from Haukeland University Hospital, right, to investigate the effect of analysis quality on patient care.
In addition to researching student education for medical biochemistry and is a legal tenant for phire PhD student and a research line student.

What do you like to work with at k2?
I really like working at K2 because through research I get a lot of ability to develop myself professionally. I feel like I’m learning enough new and having something to reach for, it gives me energy. The investigation also allows me to meet colleagues at various stages of my career, from students to professors, and at many different institutions. Working together across is very instructive. The work at K2 also allows me to access courses in education and straight renting, which is also developed beyond the purely academic. Through teaching, I meet talented and curious students, and it is nice to be able to help them gain knowledge of laboratory analyzer and laboratory life. It is very good to work with straight hire and so colleagues grow and develop academic self-accommodations.
It is nice to work at K2, I experience my colleagues both in knowledge and administrative positions as knowledgeable, helpable and dedicated, which makes it always nice to go to work.

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