This week`s employee – Kristin Greve Isdahl Mohn

I work as an associate professor at the Influenza Center, K2. In addition to teaching medicine and master students, we research colleagues and patients admitted to the hospital. We research the immune system and on immunological responses after both vaccination and infection with influenza viruses. We work with many different influenza viruses and have participated in various clinical trials with influenza vaccines on adults, children and health workers. The goal is to be able to contribute to knowledge in immunology in order to create better vaccines in the future. The long-term goal is a universal flu vaccine, a “one shot fix all.” But it’s probably even far ahead. My career at the influenza center started 10 years ago, during the swine flu pandemic in 2009. Then we collected samples from hospitalized patients in the infection ward to try to understand why some people get so much sicker than others. Now we’re researching the coronavirus, and that’s the second pandemic I’m allowed to be a part of. We are studying immunological responses in both staff and patients to see if we develop immunity to the new virus. Researching a viral pandemic is very exciting, demanding and unpredictable. Everything has to happen fast and it requires a lot of teamwork. Here at the Influenza Center we have a fantastic team. We have a widespread international cooperation, and it has provided many exciting discussions and new perspectives. Combining the position at K2 with clinical work as a doctor at the hospital is the perfect combination for me, and I love it.

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