We are launching the service portal UiBhjelp

From November 11th you will find UiBhjelp on https://hjelp.uib.no. UiBhjelp is a self-service portal for employees and students at UiB.

UiBhjelp gives you as a user one way in, whether you need information about our services, need to report a computer problem, need to order something or you are looking for updated PowerPoint templates.

What happens on November 11th?

  • UiBhjelp replaces Issue-tracker as of November 11th
  • Issue-tracker will not shut down, but you may no longer register new issues here
  • As of November 11th you must use UiBhjelp to register your issue or request
  • If you have issues registered before November 11th, these will be resolved in Issue-tracker

UiBhjelp will not be complete when it is launched. You will find some information and services, and UiBhjelp will be supplied with more content and functionality as it comes into use.

To make UiBhjelp as user friendly as possible, we need your help. We hope you will contribute with your feedback and suggestions to how UiBhjelp may become better. You may do this in UiBhjelp or by participating in the open team UiBhjelp og Felles servicesenter (Microsoft Teams).

Do you want to know more?

Please go to the web pages of Prosjekt Tjenesteutvikling.

Prosjekt Tjenesteutvikling

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