The Annual Research Presentations

I am writing to you to encourage participation at the upcoming week´s event, the Annual Research Presentations by the Research School in Clinical Medicine.

What is The Research School in Clinical Medicine?

It is an arena for PhD students from K1, K2 and Helse-Bergen to socialize and present own research to fellow students. The research school also organizes courses that may be included as part of the mandatory training component of the PhD program, and a seminar series where current research from the faculty is presented by excellent speakers.

Our own Professor Stefan Johansson is the current leader. The team also includes Researcher Kristoffer Haugarvoll (K1), Leader of the Research Unit for Children, Camilla Tøndel (Helse Bergen), Researcher Stian Knappskog (K2), Professor Thomas Halvorsen (K2), Solveig Lund Witsøe (K1), PhD Student Torbjørn Kråkenes (K1), and PhD Student Andreas Venizelos (K2).

The poster presentations will take place Wednesday 24 January in the reception foyer, floor 0, Sentralblokken, Haukeland University Hospital; oral presentations Thursday 25 January in Birkhaugssalen, floor 3, Sentralblokken, while the award ceremony will be Friday 26 January 12:00–12:30 in the reception foyer, floor 0, Sentralblokken.

The research school was founded by Professor Emeritus Amund Gulsvik and has been a great success. I take the opportunity to thank him, and all following leaders and staff members for organizing this important event. But what is more, the Research School would be nothing if it were not for the participants, presenters and audience; my sincere thanks to them, too. My high school teacher said I should post the following sentence over my bed: ”Never a day without a line (to read)”. There is always something new to learn. So come! And please, do not only read: Also ask a question. Not to show the others that you can ask a question, but because there is something you want to learn. We learn from questions because that urges us to find out why. Novel knowledge arises.


Pål Rasmus Njølstad

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