Meeting about medical incubator | 8 March

Bergen and Western Norway will get a new medical incubator. As an admission to this, an open meeting will be held on Thursday 8 March at Haukeland University Hospital, where stakeholders in research, clinics, industry, business development and finance will be gathered. The purpose of the event is to gather a wide range of stakeholders to a medical incubator, to inform about the plans, and to establish a broad ownership of a further process.

The medical incubator will be placed close to a number of academic research environments with a short distance to well-run clinical environment. The activities of an incubator will further strengthen research collaboration across the academic environment, including actors outside the public organizations.

A number of significant research groups have been established within medical and biomedical subjects. We believe there will be a golden opportunity for industry to participate here, including Start-up companies from research activity.

At the meeting, you will hear lectures from local, national and international actors who share their experiences and present wishes for a new, enthusiastic commitment to a professionally exciting area.

Time: 8 March, at. 14:00–18:00.
Location: Bikuben, Haukeland University Hospital.

Helge Ræder                        Bjørn Tore Gjertsen             Jens Reigstad
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