Happy New Year!

Christmas and the holiday season at the end of the year are over. It has been a busy time – everything must be fixed and arranged for a few, intense days. However, for most people it has been a precious holiday with time together with the ones we love, as well as an opportunity for contemplation and reflection.

Just before Christmas, the K2 Leadership Team was in place. Besides myself, it will be:
– Deputy Leader: Eystein Husebye, M.D., Ph.D.
– Deputy Leader Research: Silke Appel, Ph.D.
– Deputy Leader Teaching: Jone Trovik, M.D., Ph.D.
– Deputy Leader Innovation: Emmet Mc Cormack, Ph.D.
– Administration Manager: Julie Stavnes, M.Ba.

Eystein Husebye is well known to most. He is a professor and consultant physician in endocrinology, leads the Research Group for Endocrine Medicine, and heads KG Jebsen-Center in Autoimmune Diseases. He has been a vice-chairman for several years, and has been acting leader, thus ensuring continuity in the Leadership Team.

Silke Appel is professor, Group Leader at Broegelmann Research Laboratory and Head of the Core Center for Flow Cytometry. She is also a member of the Department Council.

Jone Trovik is a professor, consultant physician in gynecology and obstetrics, and belongs to the Research Group for Gynecological Cancer. She has been Acting Leader at K2 this fall, and before that, she was Deputy Leader for Education.

Emmet Mc Cormack is a professor and leader of galenic pharmacy. In addition, he has experience with regard to the establishment and operation of research-based companies.

Julie Stavnes is also well known. She is MBA from NHH, and has been Administration Manager at K2 since 2015.

I take this opportunity to thank them for being willing to spend time and effort for K2. The team extends widely academically, involving both physicians and non-physicians, including pharmacy, which is an example of the many non-medical education subjects. Furthermore, we have introduced a Deputy Leader for Innovation since there is currently a focus on innovation, as well to match this focus at the faculty level. I welcome you all to the Leadership Team, and am looking forward to working with you and the Management Team of K2 in the years to come!


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