H. M. King Olav Vs Cancer Research Award 2018

The Norwegian Cancer Society invites to the nomination of candidates for the H. M. King Olav Vs Cancer Research Award 2018.

H. M. King Olav Vs Cancer Research Award of NOK 1 000 000 is awarded annually to a cancer researcher or research group that has helped to promote the quality and scope of Norwegian cancer research. H.M. King Harald awards the prize in a celebratory selection in the Old Hall of Fame, University of Oslo.

The prize has a high prestige in the Norwegian cancer research community and goes to the very best in the whole range of Norwegian cancer research. The prize will go to research groups or researchers who are still active and contribute in cancer research today.

To honor the researchers’ efforts, the Cancer Society wishes to invite Norwegian institutions to promote proposals for candidates for the H. M. King Olav Vs Cancer Research Award 2018. As more and more groundbreaking research is carried out by research communities, special attention is given to nomination of research groups.

Nominations should be sent by email to Lars Klæboe.

Deadline for nomination: 15 November 2017.

When assessing the candidates, emphasis is placed on the following:

  • That the candidate’s / the group’s work has clear cancer relevance.
  • That key parts of the research efforts have been carried out at a Norwegian research institute.
  • That the candidate / group has achieved international recognition for its research.
  • That the candidate / group over time has helped to strengthen Norwegian research communities through their scientific involvement.
  • That the research effort represents a breakthrough within the current field.
  • The candidate / group has emphasized the dissemination of research results to the public.

The Cancer Society wants many institutions to send candidates proposals so that they get a wide list of potential candidates for the prize.

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