Applying for summer vacation before 1 April

k2nytt_2017_uke-12_summer-holidayEmployees at the University of Bergen apply for holiday in PAGA, and the employer confirms that the application has been approved in PAGA. If no holiday has been registered by 01.04.2017, the employer may enter a three weeks’ holiday for the employee and order that the holiday is taken out in this period. Any leftover holidays should be registered by 01.10.2017. If the total amount of holidays has not been registered by this date, the employer will fix a holiday and determine that it is taken out in this period. Information regarding holiday can be found in PAGA. Any changes in a registered holiday should be approved by the employer before the holiday is taken. The holiday balance in PAGA should be 0 for all employees by the end of the year.

More information is available here.

Deadline: 1 April 2017.

Inquiries may be directed to Linn Christine Meland ( / 55 97 29 54).

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