Important Issues this Autumn

bakke0x2c_per_0x2830x29Well belated summer! I hope everyone got to recharge their batteries and are now ready for the autumn. The editorial that was issued just before the summer dealt with K2’s new strategy document and it stated that we would use it actively in our efforts to enhance K2. The strategy document concerns us all and you can find it here if you need to freshen it up. The K2 management will have a particular focus on the following issues in the strategy document this fall: Recruitment, publication activity, use of MittUiB, Canvas and Inspera and financial reporting. We will come back to these issues in future editorials. When it comes to recruitment, the following should be noted: The K2 economy is now balanced, and in the next few years there are some natural age retirements. This opens opportunities for strategic recruitment.

Øystein Bruserud was the head of the Recruitment committee, who recommended that when recruiting after retirement we should check first that the teaching requirements within that particular field is covered. Then the vacant position should be advertised as broad as possible to ensure the best possible recruitment. I think these are good thoughts.

To be continued.



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