Grants from Samarbeidsorganet 2015

Per BakkeThe results of the applications of Samarbeidsorganets research grants were published this week. Applications from researchers connected to K2 did very well. Of a total of 12 PhD scholarships 5 was granted to candidates with main supervisors from K2. Corresponding figures for postdoctoral fellowships were 6 and 2. Funds were granted to 23 new multi-year research projects. Of these 14 (60%) were granted to projects where the applicant is affiliated with K2. Also for the one-year projects K2 employees were well represented. There is every reason to congratulate!

For those who did not get anything from this year’s applications: Though it is immediately frustrating, just keep applying and do better next time. In this connection I will remind you that K2 will run a structured support for NRC applications this spring and also for the EU projects. Further information will follow.

This column will also encourage Samarbeidsorganet  to look critically at the way the applications are assessed. Although there has been a clear improvement from previous since the committees that consider the applications now are external to Helse-Vest, there is always room for improvement of the comittees research expertise, and the way the evaluation is organized.


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