The office situation at K2

Per BakkeThe office situation at K2 is a challenge. A large and pleasing increase in BOA activity has contributed to an increased demand for office space. The administration is going to take another round in K2 areas in the lab building to see if it is possible to exploit the areas better and make sure that people do not hold places they are not supposed to. In the allocation of seats, we will follow the already decided ranking for allocation of office spaces: Professor, Associate Professor, researcher, postdoc, PhD student, research line student, master’s student. In addition, we will strive to have people sit near their labs and close to their partners. It is possible that we also need to utilize some lab areas as office spaces.

Finally, it is important that people report their needs for office space to Irene:

It is in everyone’s interest that these rules are followed. If we all show agility this can easily go well!


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