Election Announcement and invitation to submit nominations of group B to the Institute Council

K2 will elect a new representative to the departmental council of group B – Temporary staff in teaching and research positions.

Nominations must be sent or delivered to the administration manager Julie Stavnes within 3 pm on Friday 20 November 2015. Proposals must be signed by at least three voters in the respective constituency (the group). It must be evident from the proposal who have signed. For a proposal to be legally put forward, tit must meet these requirements:
* The proposal must be in writing (on paper with physical signatures).
* It must be signed by at least three individuals who are entitled to vote in the election.
* It must contain at least one and at most four candidates
* The proposed must be selectable.
* If a candidate who can claim exemption from election is proposed, the proposal must have enclosed the written consent of the person concerned.
* No one can sign more than one proposal.
* If more than one candidate is proposed, it is urged to take account of gender balance.

Reference is made to the normal rules for institute councils for the composition of the departmental councils (see appendix).

To be entitled to vote and be eligible to gr. A-C to the Institute Council, one must have been employed before 1 March 2015 in a position category which presents votes.

The election will be carried out before the end of 2016. Information on the election dates and method will come.

Attached: Policy for the Institute Councils and Election Regulations (in Norwegian).

Julie Stavnes
Head of Administration, Clinical Institute 2
Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry
University in Bergen
Tel: +47 55 97 29 58

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