Appraisal Interview

Per BakkeAll permanent employees in main position shall anually be offered an appraisal interview. As department head, I have interviews with research group leaders, heads of platforms and permanent academic staff in main positions. Research group leaders must ensure that appraisal interviews are offered to other employees in the research group, including technicians. The head of administration will offer appraisal interviews to the administrative staff.

The appraisal interview is voluntary for the employee. The conversation will be confidential and address expectations both ways, as well as efforts and results. It should be very concrete, as that makes it easier to assess the impact of it. An important point is that both parties in advance think about what should be addressed.

The purpose of the interview is to help create a better working environment, at the same time as we improve, both as individuals and organization. Medical university work is carried out in a tight relationship. This makes the appraisal inerview particularly important.


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