Thank you for this spring’s efforts

Eystein 2Exams are over, public defenses completed, and a long summer vacation is awaiting most of us. On behalf of the leader group, I would like to thank the institute’s employees for their continuous efforts to teach, publish and develop the academic disciplines they represent. For all of this to run smoothly, we must have daily routines that functioning. Both the administration and the study section are continuously working to improve these routines to make life easier for you. Klaus and Lars in the K2-reception are acknowledged for always helping out with all kinds of small and big jobs.

We can now report half way into 2014 that the K2 budget is in balance, although still very tight as we have to set aside funds pay debts from 2013. Despite these difficulties we will be able to allocate more funds to the PhD and postdocs. If the current situation prevails, we will be able to renew about 50% of vacant positions. The recruitment process we have had this spring will provide the priorities for future recruitment.

The basis of our existence is the teaching of students enrolled in the professional studies and in the bachelor and master programs. We now have a special focus on teaching and will propose several actions in order to enhance teaching quality. One such action is K2’s teaching award, which is announced in this issue of K2nytt. Other efforts will be presented and discussed at the teaching seminar scheduled for September 17, where all K2-lecturers are expected to participate.
However, first and foremost I hope everyone enjoys a nice summer vacation

Link to statutes for education award (in norwegian)

Warm regards


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